For those who bought a pony at the auction, we offer various forms of After Sales Service. Especially for buyers from abroad this can be an outcome, but also for the Dutch customer who can not arrange transportation immediately, we have several solutions. We offer the following service options:

  • Temporary stay: You can leave the pony after te purchase temporarily (at own risk) at the auctionlocation of Stal de Lagevoort. Your pony will stay in a spacious stable and will get excellent care. The costs are € 5 per day. Mares with foal at foot cost 6 euros per day.
  • Transportation: Another possibility is that we bring you purchased pony at your home. The transport service of Stal de Lagevoort can arrange this for you. The costs are 1 euro per kilometer, excluding additional costs, such as toll roads, etc. The risk up till the delivery, is for the owner.
  • Export Documents: There is a NSPS stud inspector on site till the end of the auctionday, to inspect the pony in order to prepare the NSPS export document (ITC, costs € 24,25)

    Attention: The Select Sale organisation can provide the ITC documents at the auction (International Transfer Certificate) which is needed between studbook of different countries. Other certificates differ by country and are the responsibility of the buyer. The organisation is available to help out where possible. 

Do you have any additional wishes or questions? Please feel free to contact us.