Record number of ponies on the 9th Shetland Pony Select Sale.

On Saturday the 27th of October the SPSS organizes already for the 9th year the most important Shetland pony select sale in Europe.

This year we have managed to select a record number of excellent pony’s in all colors and size variations.

Of the total of 117ponies we have 17 different colors  and the offer exist of 18 foals , 17 one yearlings,17 2 years old and 38 mares of 3 years and older.

In the next size up we have selected 13 ponies  in the middle size 7 and in the standard size upto 105cm also 7 are selected.


Out of the offer of 18 foals probably 13 will end up in the mini size or small size, 5 are bigger of which 3 are black  and are of Enrique and Fireball van Gelre and Diego Beauty of Hedel the other 2 are  bay out ofGino van de Bosrand and were first place in their group on the regional show.

We also have selected 2 numbers one of the show in Tolbert incl. the mini foal champion.

These 18 foals have 9 different colors: bay /black/cremello/buck skin /cram-dun/pie-bald and chestnut-bald.


This group consists of 17 yearlings and 17  2- year old.  

Also in this group again a lot of color variation.

Of the total of 34 we have selected: 7 bay/3 chestnut/1 mushroom/4 black/2 buckskin/4 chestnut-white/ 5 pie-bald/1 palomino/1 pie-bald/6 bay-white and one muscat-white.

Most of these youngsters will end up in the mini size or one size up (small size) and size will be measured and announced at the auction.

We have selected one yearling and one 2 year old in the standard size black. In the group of 2 year old we have chosen a middle size bay and a standard size bay-white out of one of the top stallions Alco v.d. Gathe.

You will see a lot of multi colors in this youngster group that also includes the mini youth champion of a the show in Gendringen.

All 34 selected ponies have of course received a premium on their shows.

Mares 3 years or older:


Selected are 37 mini mares 19 are bay other colors are Isabel, blue-dun,black,chestnut, palomino, buck skin, pie-bald,and bay-white. Not only do we offer a large variety in colors, also the quality is this year impressive.

5 mini mares have received once or more a first premium (even one bay of 77 cm received a first premium six times) we also have selected a former national Champion (Lunteren).

Small Size (Kleine maat)

13 mares of which 3 black, 3 pie-bald, one bay/chestnut/cream-dun/chestnut-white/1 bay-white/ bay-roan and blue roan.

The bay roan is a real eye catcher was youth champion and has a first premium (out of Christiano Ronaldo). In this group we have a total of 5 first premiums.

Middle and standard size:

This group consists of 7 mares each. A.o. a very rare bay-dun of 97cm (the only one in this auction). Next to that a first premium bay from a famous stud and 2 bay/white of which the 3 year old has received very high judgement points and was one of his class on a national show for multi colored ponys.

The 3 black ponies all have several first premiums, one of the 2 six year old has already 4x a first premium and won several championships.

In the standard size one of the most remarkable ponies is the pie-bald with the carriage. Both will be offered separately !

Next to this pie-bald we will also have a bay/white and pie-bald in the standard size. The bay-white will be sold with her bay-white foal ( filly).

The 4 blacks all have top pedigrees and of course multiple first premiums. 

So, do not miss this auction !!

The auction starts at 10.30 hour, stables are open for public at 9h. at the well known address “Stal Lagevoort”, in Liessel, Holland (Look at our website for travel and accommodation details)