Oktober 2019 / Newsflash Shetland Pony Select Sale 

Very rich and interesting collection at the
10th Shetland Pony Select Sale

On October 26, 2019 it is already the tenth Shetland Pony Select Sale. We are very proud that the event has built such a great reputation and has grown into an auction of international allure. We are proud that the team of initiators from 10 years ago are still together and work together more enthusiastically every year, and we are proud that the tenth edition can be held at Stal de Lagevoort in Liessel. We have a wonderful selection, perhaps the best ever in terms of colour and quality. So you have to be there on 26 October!
The more than 100 auction ponies can be viewed from 9 am and we will start the auction at exactly half past ten. A total of 106 ponies are auctioned, 4 of which are foals with the mother. In addition, a pony cart.


There are 13 blacks in the middle and large size. Two fillies from the top stables Gelre and Bloemhof promise a lot for the future due to their pedigree. At the yearlings also two, of which another "Gelre" opportunity and a beautiful daughter of Ursul van het Stalletje. The 2 year old is a very nicely bred daughter of Walter van het Kleine Weitje. Adults in the larger black two middle size and 6 large size. In the middle size a handsome 3-year-old from the "Kairos" breeding and a fully “Schaapshoeve” bred mare. At the largest size the largest group of 6 blacks. In addition, the 6-year old youth champion Guusje van de Kuiperij is 1 who catches the eye by her very proven pedigree, mother already gave 2 approved sons. A 15-year-old from Aschberg breeding already received 10 first premiums, is preferent and carries from an interesting piebald stallion. Number three is a "Buitenweg" bred three year old with her colt foal. Number 4 is again 1 from the Bloemhof breeding, a talented 5 year old with a 1st premium. The fifth is a beautiful 6 year old 3 times with a 1st premium winning daughter of Walter van het Kleine Weitje from a very good breeding dam. Number 6 also fully Schaapshoeve bred, beautiful carrying crown mare.


There are 14 colour ponies in the medium and large size. Half of that is chestnut. A beautifully bred chestnut crown mare from "de Menger" breeding comes to the auction with a premium filly and a premium two-year-old daughter. A second chestnut foal is from Prins van de Bekkenkamp from the LH lines via a champion Egchelsehei mother. A beautiful 2nd placed big size yearling from Giovannie comes from the Provincialeweg line. In the big size we see a chestnut crown mare with colt foal from the line of Geeske and Diezel of Stal Dito. The seventh is a two-year-old Euforie x Xander van het Noordereind.
Striking is the beautifully bred medium-sized black roan that is almost crown and covered by a piebald. A yearling cream-dun from Pybe and the Zandkamp line is certainly very attractive. Fortunately, a nice piebald first premium mare in the larger size and also in the middle size, only 4 years and half-sister of Joep v. St. Nieuwemoed. In the large size also a nice skewbald from the Dito line, in foal of a 1st premium piebald. Talented is certainly the medium-sized skewbald 2 year old from Wesley from and national bald champion. Finally, a medium-sized black and white foal from a beautiful dam line and Floriant.


In the small size two 1 year old, 1 two year old and 15 older mares, two of them with foals at feet. Among the ones born in 2018, a piebald classwinner of the small size enters in Gersloot 2019. The other juniors are chestnuts with white mane and tail and a nice pedigree. Among the 15 elderly, the last 3 ponies from the breeding of the Winterdijk / De Rakkertjes are auctioned. A beautiful 1st premium mare from the Baseva line and also two blacks with filly foals. In addition to these 7 small size chestnuts and a 4th black 1st premium from the Brandhoeve breeding and a well-known brown 1st premium mare by Pacific van Bromishet. Then a bay roan crown mare and the most striking in the small size group are the two skewbalds. One of them has already won many championships and is 100% Aschberg bred and the other is a full sister of the dam of Kramer of Stal Maruschka and a half-sister of Jannique.


By far the largest group, no fewer than 57, is among the minimum. This year 10 mini-foals, but only colour foals. So no black, brown or chestnut mini foals. This is based on the demand from previous years. What then: 2 cremello's; 3 palominos’, 2 cream-duns; 1 piebald and 2 skewbald’s. The piebald recently received a premium and 1 of the 2 cremello’s stands out for his strong pedigree, a young Eliandro from a very special dam line. The large group of 18 mini-enters form a rich group. with Junior Champ of the National Bald Show, palomino bald and the mini junior champion of Bergharen, her mushroom half-sister is also an eye-catcher. The 3 beautiful piebald minis are certainly also interesting, one of which has a top pedigree (Fabregas from the Baseva line). The buckskin from Veldhoeve breeding is also very nicely bred. The bay roan and the very light bay-dun also catch the eye. The colour palette is divided as follows: a palomino bald, 1 bay roan, 1 bay dun, 1 buckskin, 3 bay, 3 chestnuts, 1 skewbald and 3 piebald’s and 1 mushroom. Only 2 minis of 2 year old, but a very strong palomino from the Wegdam breeding (in foal with evidence) and a very nice palomino from an Angus X Adam mother. The older minis with 26 entries traditionally, form the largest group consisting of 10 chestnuts, 5 blacks, 3 browns, 2 palominos, 2 skewbald's, 1 mushroom, 1 bay and white, 1 smokey and buckskin. And of course the latest broodmares from the famous Bromishet stable also attract attention. Six of the 25 are first premium minis. In addition, a striking 3-year-old brown beautifully bred from top stallion Flexibility. The buckskin and mushroom are certainly also interesting as well as the lifelong approved skewbald 1st premium stallion.

In short, there is something for everyone! Are you curious about the details of a specific poney? Click at the auctionpage to get all information you need. See you the 26th!