Oktober 2019 / Newsflash  Shetland Select Sale 


The 10th edition of the Shetland Select Sale in Liessel on Octobre 26th was again a succes event in line with the rich row of the past 10 years. Nice offer, lots of atmosphere and a lot of buying, with an export record and new countries and new markets. And again for the 10th time in the same beautiful place with the same organization team and large group of volunteers. Then you can only be very satisfied and hope that we can continue like this for years, such positive impulses are desperately needed. The most special thing this year was that the most expensive pony went to Indonesia and that no less than 8 beautiful ponies were exported to the UK. The motherland itself that gets a full truck on the Dutch Sale. Although a few ponies remained somewhat lower, the average price was very positive.
Ultimately, 101 ponies were auctioned, along with 3 more foals that were offered with the mother and a pony car. Two ponies were unable to participate in the auction for various reasons. 46 of the 101 were sold for export, while France remained absent this year. But that was more than made up for by the new buyers from Indonesia and the UK. But Austria, Denmark, Belgium and especially Germany also bought well. Only 12 ponies were bought back by the owner.

Foals and youth

Of the 14 foals presented, 11 were sold! The average price was 477 euros, no less than 130 euros more than in 2018. The total yield of the foals was 5250 euros. In addition, a real outlier, the beautiful Eliandro van Driel cremello daughter raised 1000 euros and goes to a famous stable in the Netherlands. The second most expensive, a nice palomino mini, was still high and goes to the UK for 650 euros. The lowest price was paid twice 300, which is a much higher lower limit than other years, where foals always left for 150 and 200. For this price a larger chestnut filly and a skewbald mini remained.
This year we had a record number of one year olds in the auction, no fewer than 25, of which 20 were sold. They raised an average of 682 euros against 511 last year, a significant increase! The 20 yearlings sold together came to 13600 euros. The non-awarded also came to good amounts. Three outliers exceeded 1000 euros, all three colour ponies. The beautiful and well-bred light mushroom Maudi from Bromishet was the most expensive, with 1700 euros going to Over Betuwe. With 1600 there was also for the extra bred falcon Evian daughter Melody van de Veldhoeve a top prize, she goes to Belgium. The third was her half-sister, the palomino ant white junior champion of the bald show Milly van de Bosrand, who moves from Drenthe to Overijssel. The cheapest was a chestnut that goes to Belgium for 200 euros. It was also nice that the big chestnut and big black from this group go to the UK and the beautiful black Miley van Gelre to Denmark.
All 7 two years old were sold and were fairly close to each other, on average price of 614 euros. That is somewhat lower than last year, but then there was an outlier above 2000. Now the most expensive one came to 900. That was a top price for a small size chestnut and this Lilly v.d. Vossenhol goes to the UK. The cheapest was also a small size chestnut and stays in the Netherlands for 200. This also applied to the second most expensive, a pregnant palomino of 800.


All 23 older mini-mares offered were sold, a great result. The average price was best at 935 euros and again more than 120 euros higher than last year. The most expensive three ponies in the auction also came from this group. With 2700 for the number 100 in the auction, the sting was in the tail, making it the second most expensive in the 10-year auction history. For the isabel crown mare Davy van de Drosthoeve this magnificent amount was paid and this mare goes to Indonesia. Extra good was also the price for the already 12-year-old brown Amy of Duke Stable, she goes to Denmark for 2100. The third a 3-year-old brown mini with 1st premium from Flexibilaty stays in the Netherlands, her price was 1900 and she left for West Brabant. With 350 euros, the lowest prices were for 2 chestnut minis, both remain in the Netherlands. There were 3 older mini-mares more sold above 1000 euros. The very last Bromishet, the beautiful black Hempress, remained in the Netherlands for 1400. The beautiful buckskin crown mare Cyrille van de Kralen goes to Belgium for 1500 and the black Donna Nina van de Biezenbeemd scored very high and goes to our Eastern neighbors for 1300.
For the small size, 12 out of 15 were sold, and for the unsold, substantial bids were offered. The average price in this group was 525 euros, almost the same as 2018. The total yield for the 12 was 6300. Although the prices could not match the other sizes, half of this size also crossed the border this time. Belgium did good business, because they bought two extra beautiful skewbalds, the most expensive of which was the well-known Havannah van de Vissershof, which raised 800 euros. The cheapest was the 12-year-old bay roan that goes from Brabant to Zeeland for 250 euros.
In the medium size, they were all sold for an average of 750, 70 higher than last year. Just like last year in this group 1 above 1000 euros, the beautiful piebald 1st premium mare Je t’aime van Stal Nieuwmoed, who goes to Germany for 1100. A chestnut crown mare from the Menger stables went to Austria for 400 and was the lowest in this group.
Also in the large size, all 9 mares were awarded. The average price was neat with 667 euros and a total yield for this group of 6000. Remarkably expensive was the skewbald Helane van Stal Dito, she went to Germany before 1100. Three in this group are going to 3 different stables from the UK,  including the second most expensive with 850, the piebald Hedwich van het Peertje. The cheapest in this group is also a chestnut that goes to Limburg for 400. The only approved stallion that was auctioned raised 1100 and stays in the country, he goes to the Bommelerwaard, where the auctioned pony car also goes.
Of the 46 mares sold abroad, 2 go to Denmark, 8 to the UK, 3 to Indonesia; 3 to Austria, 7 to Belgium and the other half to Germany.

We look forward to see you in 2020 for the 11th Shetland Select Sale!