October 2022 / Very successful 2022 Select Sale


The 11th edition of the Shetland Select Sale, which had to start at a new venue after 2 years of corona halt, broke all records and not by much. The average prices were extremely much higher than in the first 10 editions and the atmosphere was as usual. The new venue, manege de Vosberg in Panningen, certainly met expectations due to its space and hospitality. The interest from abroad was never so great and the export share was therefore considerably more than previous editions. In the end, 95 ponies were auctioned, 97 were registered, 1 was withdrawn and 1 was irregular. Of the 95, no fewer than 89 found a new owner and 6 were bought back by the entrant. Of the 89, 53 went for export. Both also the highest percentages (percentage awarded and percentage exported ) ever. Only 6 ponies were bought back by the owner, half of last time. As many as 21 ponies left for Germany, but with 11 each, Denmark and Belgium also did well. Another 7 went to France, 2 to Austria and 1 to Sweden.


Of the 19 foals present, no fewer than 18 were sold! The average price was 692 euros, a whopping 215 euros more on average than in 2019. The total yield of the foals was 12,450 euros against 5250 euros last time. While last time the topper was 1,000 euros, this time it was almost double that at 1,900, with as many as 3 exceeding 1,000 euros. The outlier was for a primed palomino filly by Shakira van de Buske that is going to a German stable. A bay colt mini filly by Fascination also brought a whopping 1,500 euros and is moving to Denmark. The third above 1000 was a bay daughter of Mayor with lots of quality, she is going to Germany. The lowest price was 300, which was equal to the lowest price last time. For this price, a small-sized chestnut colt went to Germany.


Of the 10 yearlings, 9 were sold. The enters brought an average of 1333 euro, more than double the average price of 682 euro from last time. The nine enters sold came to a total of 12,450 euros. An unprecedented outlier in this group and until then the most expensive at the Select Sale ever sold. While in 2019 the most expensive enter was 1.000 euros, now a whopping 3,800 euros was paid for a small black-legged mini-enter by Kalusha of Duke Stable, who is moving to Belgium. For 2000 euros, a very unusually coloured valley grey goes to a stable in Betuwe and stays in the Netherlands. A 92cm chestnut out of the well-known Geeske of Stal Dito also passed into Swedish hands for the nice price of 1500 euro. The lowest price in this group was now 400 euro, which is also double the lowest price of last time. The lowest price this time was for a black primed small size enter.

2- year olds

All 12 twenters were sold. The average yield was 1108 euros against 614 euros in 2019. An unprecedentedly high average. The total yield of the 12 came to 13,300 euros. Topper here was a palominobonte by Goofy van het Olde Hok that is going to Germany for 1,700. As many as seven of the 12 came in above 1,000 euros. The second most expensive was a blue dun by Krim van de Zandkamp, going for 1500 to Austria. Extra striking was the high price of 1400 euro, which was put down for Okaya van de Buitenweg (v. Gepetto van Stal van Aschberg), a small-sized black, she will stay in the Netherlands.


Of the 24 older mini mares offered, 21 were sold, two not awarded came to 1000 euro or more and it was not entirely clear why they were not awarded for that. The average price was best at 1652 euros compared to 935 euros in 2019. The total yield of the older minis was a whopping 34,700 euros. The auction topper was also in this group, a 9-year-old mushroom of 82 cm by the stallion Lector van de Nijkamphoeve came to the incredibly high amount of 7500 euros, by far the highest price in 11 years of Select Sale. She is going to Germany. Two mares brought 2,300 euros, a black 5-year-old first premium mini by Winningmood van de Toom, who is going to Germany, and an equally old bay mare by Fascination van de Color Stable, who is leaving for France. A 6-year-old chestnut was the lowest in this large group at 550 euros. As many as 13 finished above 1000 euros, 6 of them even above 2000.In the small size, 11 out of 12 were sold. This group was perhaps the most surprising in terms of proceeds, normally always the least marketable group, the average price was now 1277 euros against 525 euros last time!!! The total yield for the eleven was 14050. The highest price was for a bay 11-year-old pregnant mare by Vanity v.d. Buxushof, which fetched a whopping 2,500 euros and is moving to Denmark. The second highest price was for a 5-year-old very pretty black small-sized 1st premium mare by Diego Beauty van Hedel, who moved to Drenthe for 1900 euros. The second highest, a brown bay carrying 4-year-old daughter of the preferent Larsto van de Berkenhoeve, will also stay in the Netherlands and go to Brabant for 1700 euros. The lowest price in this group was for a 3-year-old little but which is going to Friesland for 600 euros. In the middle size, 5 out of 6 were sold for an average of 1030 euros, 280 higher than last time. The two pieds in this group came in above 1000 euros. At 1600, a black-furred daughter of Ulex van de Ponyhoeve was the most expensive; she is going to Germany. The same goes for a 3-year-old chestnut daughter of Zwartbont van de Kortenhof that went away for 1300. Again, the lowest price was 600, this black 11-year-old crown mare owned by Paul van de Heul ends up near the auction in Venlo. In the last-auctioned large size, all 13 mares were awarded. Again, the average price was extra with 1462 euro against 667 euro last time and a total yield for this group of 19000 euro! Remarkably expensive was the 10-year-old blue grey crown mare by the stallion Nobel van het Hoogveld who fetched a whopping 2800 euro for her seller and remains in Dutch hands, she is going to Ophemert. The 1 and 2 after heights also remain in the Netherlands. These are two three-year-old black ponies with size, which sold for 2100 and 1800 euro to Berkhout in the north of Holland and Assen in Drenthe. The lowest in this group experience with 950 euro for both but just under 1000. These two also remain in the Netherlands, a 4-year-old chestnut going for that price to Eibergen and 3-year-old black to Maasbommel. Relatively few exports in this group, 11 out of 13 remain in the Netherlands.

The lottery held for two charities also went to a record of over 1100 lots sold.