After Sales Service

For the people who have bought one or more ponies at the auction, we offer various forms of After Sales Service as an organization. This can offer a solution especially for buyers from abroad, but we also have ready-made solutions for Dutch customers who cannot arrange transport immediately. We offer the following service options:

Temporary stay:
After purchasing, you can stable the pony temporarily (at your own risk). This can be arranged at the auction. Your pony will stay in a spacious stable and receive excellent care. The costs for this are 5 euros per day. Mares with foals at their feet cost 6 euros per day. 

Transport options:
It is also possible to have the pony you purchased delivered to your home. The costs of this are 1 euro per kilometer, excluding additional costs such as toll roads etc. The risk up to and including delivery is for the owner. 

Export documents:
A studbook inspector is present at the end of the day (upon request and against payment) to inspect the animals purchased by foreigners for the preparation of the ITC export document of the NSPS (cost document € 24.25) of the NSPS.


The SPSS organization provides an ITC on the spot (International Transfer document) , which is needed between studbooks of various countries. Other export papers must be provided by the buyer, the organization can provide support if requested. 

Do you have any additional wishes or questions? Please contact us.