Quality auction to promote the shetland pony

It was at the end of 2009 that a group of initiators came together to brainstorm about the design of a quality auction. Goal: the promotion of the Shetland pony. Inspired by the termination of previous auctions, the need for good sales promotion of the Shetland pony and the conviction that there was and is for a quality auction without commercial purposes. And than the Shetland Select Sale Foundation was established. Jan Bausch became chairman, Reinanda Haverkamp secretary and Martin Broens treasurer. The other board members from the first hour were Jan Deckers, Jan van Driel, Peter Poppelaars and Ruud van Raak. The Foundation was actually established on 1 February 2010. 

Thanks to a lot of support and the Friends of the Auction concept and the support of sponsors, we worked towards the first auction on 23 October 2010. All ponies were veterinary inspected by Jacques Remmen and carefully selected. Participation requires a fairly high level of quality. The ponies are all shown by a group of competent showpeople. More than 50 volunteers enthusiastically ensure the success of the auction.

From start a continuous rising line 

The first edition with an external auctioneer turned into a great event, not least because of the beautiful location of De Lagevoort in Liessel. 98 ponies were auctioned, of which 61 were sold. The majority stayed in the Netherlands, 15 ponies were sold abroad. After this first edition it was decided to continue. Sjef Damen came to strengthen the board. In the second edition, 87 ponies entered the track, of which 23 were not sold and 65 were. A better result than the first edition. The share of ponies sold abroad increased further to more than 20. It was Ruud van Raak's debut as auctioneer. 

The third edition surpassed: Select Sale on the rise! At the beginning of 2012, Annette van Boxtel became the new secretary, the board was particularly pleased with the appointment of this highly experienced force. The third edition on October 27, 2012 was a very successful one. 73 of the 90 ponies were sold for attractive prices on average. The share of ponies bought back by the owners has never been so low at a Dutch auction, less than 20%. Furthermore, such a high proportion of ponies has never crossed the border. More than 60%. Two important milestones. After the success of the 3rd edition, we looked forward to the 2013 edition with great anticipation. Once again it was a very successful auction, as were all editions that came.

That positive line continued. More visitors, more buyers and excellent prices every year. We are now preparing the 10th edition! An anniversary! That promises something for this year's auction!