Oktober 2022 / Nieuwsflits Shetland Select Sale 

De Shetland Select Sale welcomes you at the 11th edition on the 29th of Oktober with a lovely collection of qualityponies

On October 29th, 2022, after 2 years covid closure, we are happy to announce the eleventh Shetland Select Sale. We are glad that we have found a fantastic new location:
Manege de Vosberg" in Panningen
Stichting de Cavaliers Helden
Ninnesweg 176
5981 PD Panningen (NL)

And we have a wonderful selection with a large variation in size and color of quality shetland ponies. So you have to be there on the 29th of October. The auction ponies can be viewed from 9 am and we will start the auction at exactly half past ten. A total of 97 ponies are auctioned.


The collection shows a large variation in size and color. The majority is chestnut (25) or black (26), but we are glad to have 21 balds, 4 palomino’s, 4 greys/roans, 6 duns, 3 mushrooms and 7 bays. When we take a look at the size we see 45 mini’s, 22 small size and 30 in the middle and large size.
A lot of ponies were showclass winners or had good breeding results and we even have 2 fresh regional champions. The junior champion mini of Bergharen (24-09-2022) and the adult mini champion of Heteren (01-10-2022), both qualified for the Nationals.


There will be 17 talented foals in the auction. Five are black, 3 bay, 3 bay and white, 4 chestnuts, 2 piebalds, 1 palomino and 1 black roan.
Nine are expected to stay mini. A bay and white and the palomino recently received a foal premium. Two bay foals are from the former European champion stallion 2012 with good dam lines. The small black one from the palomino 1st premium sire from has also a very good dam line. In the small size we see a bay and white and chestnut both with good pedigrees and a black with premium.
The 19 are completed by 7 in the larger sizes. Two are very attractive bred blacks, one was shown and got a premium. The black roan is also an eye catcher due to her color and outstanding pedigree The two piebalds are very promising and are both from good breeding sires.


There will be 10 one years old and 12 two years old in the auction.
All of them have received premiums, most of them already 2 or 3 times. Within the 10 born in 2021 we see 5 mini’s. Two piebalds, one with an excellent mini pedigree. The palomino was even classwinner at the regional show in Maren-Kessel. Striking is the grey buckskin with premium. The others are expected to became small size or low in the middle size. The two blacks got recently premium and one was even classwinner. The chestnut is of an excellent pedigree by the leading sire in chestnut breeding. The bay is bred very interesting and did well in showing. The skewbald is from a multi national champion mare out of a very high index sire, the only approved large size skewbald.
From the 12 two years old 7 are mini sized. In this group we see the junior mini champion of Bergharen 2022. Very stunning is the palomino bald and the other 5 have good pedigrees. One is bred from a famous show champion. The 3 small sizes are two attractive bred blacks, one is a sister of an in 2021 approved stallion. The third is a chestnut with good pedigree. Two are in the larger sizes. A blue dun middle size from the famous Zandkamp stud and a large chestnut from the topstable Elsthof, which is really interesting for future breeding due to her toppedigree.


The 24 adult mini mares that are in the sale will be presented in two groups . Nine are chestnut, under which 2 first premium mares and a crown preferent mare. One of them was recently mini champion in Heteren and is only 79 cm with a 1st premium. The others are palomino (1), cream-dun (2), mushroom (2), bay and white (2), bay (2) and black (2). One bay and one black are 1st premium mares.
In the small size we see 12 representatives. Four out of twelve even have a 1st premium. Interesting is that there are 3 bay an white in this group. The 5 year old black has more first premiums, is very well bred and was claswinner recently. The 3 year old black roan will also be an eyechather.
In the middle size 6 mares will be auctioned. Two first premiums and 3 with an attractive color and all young, skewbald, black roan and piebald.
And finally the excellent group of 14 large size mares. Nine are black, Three born in 2019 with a 2n premium. The other blacks with first premiums. Also 2 three year old with a first premium. Interesting are the 2 piebalds, also only 3 year and both well bred. We welcome the 2 chestnuts in this size and also the grey crown mare is interesting.

We welcome you the 29th of October!

In short, there is something for everyone! So, we hope to see you in Panningen, be there! There are some suggestions for hotels and bed and breakfast on this site.

Are you curious about the details of a specific pony? Every pony has its own infopage. Take a look at the auctionpage and make your choice!