About us

The Shetland Pony Select Sale Foundation was established in early 2010 to promote the sale and promotion of the Shetland Pony. The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and is a foundation WITHOUT a profit motive! 

The board of the Shetland Pony Select Sale Foundation consists of: 

Jan Bausch  (chairman) 00316-22454520
Martin Broens  (treasurer) 00316-22436269
Jan van Driel
  (auction accommodation).
Annette van Boxtel 
(secretary) 00316-10877926
Peter Poppelaars
(selection) 00316-22241210
Ruud van Raak
(selection, PR, logistics, auctioneer) 00316-12778167
Sjef Damen (auction accommodation) 00316-46162858 
Henk de Grouw
Hein van Roij

Thanks to our volunteers

The organization is supported in the preparations and on the auction day by a huge group of enthusiastic volunteers. 

Official notary's office 

In addition, a notary's office is present (Kern Notarissen) to ensure that everything runs according to the regulations.