October 2019 / Newsflash Shetland Select Sale


A raffle will be held again this year at the Shetland Pony Select Sale, 29 October in Panningen. The proceeds will not be for the auction, but will go entirely to two charities. The NSPS Youth Test and DVB.The aim of DVB Foundation is to support therapeutic horse riding for riders with disabilities. Uniquely, DVB Foundation focuses primarily on individual riders with a disability. This may involve, for example, therapeutic lessons or help to purchase adapted saddles or boots. Riders with a disability who are supported by DVB Foundation receive support from a volunteer buddy, provided it is useful. See more: 

Nice prizes
Each lot costs 1 euro and there are again beautiful prizes courtesy of the sponsors.
  • The Firma KOLTEC has a power tool, voltage meter and a pocket knife with a built-in voltage meter.
  • The NSPS has provided a pony statue. 
  • Bakery VERBA has provided cakes.
  • Jan Deckers Groenten- en Fruittransport has donated crates of oranges.
  • The Ponywebwinkel has provided brush/tail and mane spray and white halter plus rope.
  • The Select Sale is providing Zaanlandia tins of syrup waffles.

You will participate too, won't you?