General auction conditions Shetland Pony Select Sale

1.  The auctioneer organizes the Shetland Pony Select Sale every October. This year it will be on October 29, 2022. The location is Manege de Vosberg in Panningen (Netherlands), Stichting de Cavaliers Helden, Ninnesweg 176, 5981 PD Panningen (Peel en Maas). The auction will take place under the supervision of a civil-law notarie. 
2.  The pony’s will be sold as they are without action or refaction.
3.  The auction takes place by higher offer, to start with an amount to be determined for each pony by an auctioneer. If no starting bid will be done, the auctioneer can lower the price. If still no offer is made, the pony has not been sold.
4.  The bidding by higher offer takes place open and public.
5.  Each bid is final, irretrievable and without restriction.
6.  Bidders/buyers are supposed to have the necessary legal and mental capacity. Each buyer is supposed to act personally and is held to his offer until a higher bid is accepted.
7.   Besides his principal the bidder is jointly and severally liable to meet all obligations from the buyer in accordance with the auction. If the bidder pays the purchase sum all by himself (in case the principal fails), the buying contract will be signed up on his name only, in which case the pony will be delivered to him.
8.  Bidder/buyer is liable for all risks concerning the ponies, including damage caused by/to the ponies, as soon as the pony is awarded to him.
9.  Immediately after the awarding the bidder/buyer will have to submit his ID card and will sign up the contract in written, unless he is in possession of a bid-number.
10.  The auctioneer has tried to set up the catalogue and the website as accurate as possible. The information and pedigrees are designed to give an impression of the quality of the ponies without pretending to be complete.
11.  The bidder/buyer is obliged to pay the purchase sum at the time of the auction in cash, increased with 6% premium on the purchase sum (payment can be done by (credit) card). Extra costs for card payments are for the account of the buyer. Foreign buyers need to make arrangements with their bank or payment transactions in advance.
12.  If agreed with the auctioneer a bank guarantee or liquidity statement will suffice.
13.  In case the bidder/buyer fails , the auctioneer has the right to start reselling the pony whereas the bid from the original bidder/buyer will not be accepted again. The original bidder/buyer is obliged to pay the difference in price between his offer and the eventually lower purchase sum,as well as the cost for the re-auction, whereas he is not entitled to claim money in case the purchase sum turns out to be higher.
14.  In case the auctioneer has not received full payment within 7 days after the auction, the bidder/buyer is obliged to pay, above the total amount due, a compensation of 10% of the purchase sum, increased with 1,5% per month of the total amount due, to be calculated from the date of the auction until the date full payment has been received.
15.  Bidder/buyer should collect the pony from the stable 1 hour after the auction at the latest . If buyer lives outside the Netherlands, buyer is obliged to collect the pony 30 days after the date of the auction at the latest (lodging expenses to be determined during the auction). Lodging is possible.