30-1-2022 Record results at 2022 auction

 What a great result, this 2022 auction! Never before have ponies been sold for such high prices. Auction topper was a mushroom mini mare, which changed hands for 7500 euros! Curious to look back at this particularly successful edition? Then click here!

19-10-2022 Ruffle at the Select Sale for a good purpose!

A raffle will be held again this year at the Shetland Pony Select Sale, 29 October in Panningen. The proceeds will not be for the auction, but will go entirely to two charities. The NSPS and DVB Youth Inspection. Curious what you can win? Click here!

14-10-2022 The selected collection ponies is completed! There is a short summary for you to read!

Click here for a short summary of the ponies that will be presented at the auction. In the upcoming days we will finalize the last individual pages of the ponies, so each of them has its own webpage with all detailed info.

We are in full preparation of the 11th Shetland Select Sale, which will be held on October 29th 2022 at our new auctionlocation in Panningen (NL).


The application for the 11the Shetland Select Sale is now open. The first ponies will be selected soon. Selected poneys will apear on this website in September and October. Application is still possible until October 7th 2022. From week 36 on every few days new selected ponies will be added on the site. In the last few weeks before the auction the full selection 2022 will be available. The criteria are for 3 year old and over at least a 2nd premium and blacks born in 2018 or earlier standard size a 1st premium. Ponies born in 2020 of 2021 should have received a premium in 2021 or 2022. Filly foals need to have a good pedigree and must be born before 1July 2022. Ponies sold as in foal should have an official evidence of pregnancy. Ponies will be checked on health and on the Veterinary International Standards. Follow the site from week 36 on to be informed, for questions send an email or call 0031 612778167 Ruud van Raak, auction master. For 20 euro you can become ‘friend” of the auction and support our work. Just forward 20 euro to bank account NL69 RABO 0106582607, application forms to become friend of us are on the website.


2020 Select Sale cancelled due to COVID-19
Unfortunately we have to annouce that the Shetland Select Sale 2020 will not take place. It is not possible to cope with all COVID-19 measures and organisation is to risky. We hope you can understand the decision. Please note the date: 30-10-2021, as the next Shetland Sale will be organized than and we will make up with you. So don’t miss it.


All this years auctionponies are online!


The registration for this year's auction is closed. We can again look forward to a large number of applications, from which we have made a careful selection. A few more weeks, and then we will be happy to present them to you during the 10th edition of the Select Sale! You're coming too, right?


The first selected pony is online! And its a stunner! The multiple champion crown mare Charming van de Winterdijk! In foal with filly foal by foot! From now on new ponies are added to the site almost every day! So keep an eye on the pages! Here you will find the adult animals. And here soon foals and youth ponies.


The preporations for this years auction at the 10th Shetland Select Sale, which will be held on Octobre 26th 2019 at Liessel. Time for a newsflash.


The new website is online! In the summer we will start filling the pages for the 2019 auction. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.