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23-10-2018  All pony's are selected! Preview here! 

Click here to read the preview about this years auction!

23-10-2017  All poneys are selected! Preview here! 

Click here to read the preview about this years auction!

Click here to see all the selected auctionpony's.

07-09-2017 The first auctionpony is online! 

Click here to go the the overview of selected auctionpony's. As from today, there will be newly selected pony's added almost every day.

29-05-2017 The 2017 auction is the 28th of Oktober 

We have started with the preporations for the 2017 Select Sale. Ponies can now be registered. We hope to welcome you at the 28th of October.

13-12-2016 Video impression Select Sale online 

Click here for a video impression from the Select Sale.

31-10-2016 The 2016 sale again a huge success!

The 2016 edition was again a huge success. Lots of people, beautifull ponies and good prices!

17-10-2016 The selection is complete!

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Click here for an overview of all selected ponies

06-09-2016 The first ponies are online!

Click here for an overview

19-05-2016 This years auction is the 29th of October 2016

19-10-2015 Preview Select Sale 2015. 100 stunning ponies will be presented.

Click here for the complete preview. 

10-10-2015 100 ponies selected, registration closed 

24-08-2015 The first ponies Select Sale 2015 online! 

The firest selected ponies for the 2015 Select Sale are online! Click here to have a look! 

17-08-2015 First selection expected in september 

Meanwhile the first ponies are entered for the 2015 sale and we have made the first selection. Here you see two beautiful foals of the first premium blue-dun Camillo van 't Haveld.

Around the 1st of september we hope to present you the first group already on the site.

26-07-2015 First very promising ponies entered 

The first ponies are entered for the 2015 sale and it looks already very promising. We are engaged in the selection. So don't wait too long to enter, because full is full and the order of registration is decisive.

06-07-2015 Preporations 2015 sale started 

We have started with the preporations for the 2015 Select Sale. Ponies can now be registered. We hope to welcome you at the 31st of October.

26-10-2014 Very sucessfull auction 

We can look back on a very successful 5th edition of the Select Sale. We thank all buyers and sellers for their confidence and a fantastic auction! We wish the new owners all the best of luck with their new acquisitions. We hope to see you all again next year!

16-10-2014 All ponies are on the website 

All ponies are online. Due to circumstances some unfortunately without photo, but you can at least see all data. A beautiful collection of quality ponies that we look forward to present on the 25 October from 10: 30. You can view the ponies on the 25th from 9 am. We hope to see you during the 5th Shetland Pony Select Sale.

15-10-2014 Several options to pay 

To make it as easy as possible to buy the pony of your choice, there are several payment methods to pay for your purchases at the auction.
* Debit card or credit card
  (MasterCard, Maestro/V Pay & Visa)
* cash

13-10-2014 Auctionorder final 

The auction order of the 5th Edition of the Select Sale on October 25, 2014 is announced! Click here to view the order.

11-10-2014 Selection final 

Registration for the 5th Edition of the Shetland Select sale is closed. The organization is very pleased with the selection that is now final. There will be 114 numbers auctioned, including 5 mares with foal. The number of first premium mares is unprecedented. Especially the adult mini mares promise much in color, size and quality. In the larger sizes it is with almost 20 first premium blacks also a party. No later than early next week, all ponies will be on the website. There's been a lot of interest and it promises to be a wonderful auction. On 25 October from mid-11 start the auction and from 9 am the ponies are on display to be viewed.

09-10-2014 Registration Auction 2014 closed 

Registration for the 2014 auction is closed. It is not possibe to enter more ponies. We are working hard on the last selection which we will show on this website as soon as possible. All applicants again thank you for your confidence in the Shetland Pony Select Sale! We look forward to a successful auction on the 25th of October.

28-09-2014 Lot of new selected ponies online

Several new ponies selected! Amongst them a 1st premium stallion, approved for life and a stunning 1st premium superb bred BUCKSKIN crown minimare, only 79 cm! Click here for the overview.

15-09-2014 The first selected ponies online 

The first ponies of this years auction are selected. Click here for more information.

30-07-2014 First ponies entered for the 2014 sale

The first 2 ponies are entered for the 2014 auction. Ponies can be entered till 4th of October 2014.

11-04-2014 Filly foal for auction mare Wild Blossom

Auction mare Wild Blossom gave birth to a lovely filly foal from Ulster van stal de Noorderkempen. Wild Blossom of Sportview was a former champion at Vrouwenpolder. She was sold in 2013 at the Select Sale to Suzanne Timmer. The brown filly Hope van de Riet looks very promising.

01-03-2014 Preporations Sale 2014 started  

The preporations for the 5th Shetland Pony Select Sale have started! You can note the date 25 October. The auction starts at 10.30 hours.

 27-10-2013 Successfull Select Sale 2013 ! 

The 4th edition of the Shetland pony Select Sale can certainly as successful in the books. First, there was the overwhelming response on the sellers side, the highest number of registrations so far and 114 selected candidates nearly 30 more than last year. Then at the auction. There was plenty of atmosphere and there was some very enthusiastic bidding. Again a very good result and export prices, although variable, the key of the current market endured. Again the small color ponies did very well and remarkable was the huge increase in the prices of the larger size ponies. The small furry lagged behind and somewhat simpler miniponies also did not reach high prices. It was clear during the auction that wanted ponies got proper bidding rallies and yielded relatively high prices and others barely found deduction. The older mares booked a result thick to be framed!

 18-10-2013 Newsflash & invitation Select Sale 2013 

Click here for the latest newsflash and the invitation with all information about the 2013 Select Sale of next week. You are most welcome the 26th of October, from 9 o'clock in Liessel. The auction starts 11 o'clock.

 11-10-2013 All ponies in one list in order of the sale 

Click here for the list with all the autionponies selected, in order that they will appear during the Select Sale.

 05-10-2013 Almost 70 ponies online! 

Again several very interesting ponies selected! Amongs them a rare brown large size colt, a full sister to first premium approved stallion Abeltje van de Hoeven Allee and we selected the youthchampion of Friesland! And what about 4 times 1st premium mare Avalanche D. van Stal Juventa! They are only a few of this years selection, of which we have almost 70 ponies online allready! have a look at the selection page.

 A lot of interest for the 2013 Select Sale

Interest in the 4th edition of the Shetland Select Sale on October 26 in Liessel is huge. There are almost 90 entries and there are almost 60 ponies finally selected and posted on the site with all the information and pictures. The closing date for applications is about one week, October 6.

 28-09-2013 Unique coloured yearlingfilly selected! 

Today we added new topbred ponies, including a beautifully bred and truly unique colored yearling filly! This Fabiana van de Buxushof seems to be a combination between a grullo and a buckskin! A very striking appearance!

 27-09-2013 Animalportret painter at the Select Sale 

Painter Patti Vaz Dias will be present during the Select Sale! She will present some of her unique paintings. Interested in a portrait of your beloved pony or another animal? Then Patti Vaz Dias is the right person to talk to.

 26-09-2013 Several new superb bred ponies on site 

Some very interesting superb bred ponies added, including beautifully colored foals. The count now stands at 23 youth and 22 adults! More information can be found on the select sale 2013 page.

 25-09-2013 First large black Shetland mare on site 

New mares selected, including the first black large size Shetland mare! Keep an eye on the site, because there are some very interesting top bred large size mares coming up soon! More information can be found on the select sale 2013 page.

 23-09-2013 Gorgeous silverdun foal selected! 

Added five new ponies, including a silverdun superbred filly foal from the well known Brammelo stud! More information can be found on the select sale 2013 page.

 21-09-2013 Follow us on Facebook 

From now on, you can follow us on Facebook. Here we love to share all the news. So if you automatically want to see everything about the Shetland Pony Select Sale? Like us on Facebook! We can be found on Shetland Pony Select Sale.

 21-09-2013 New foals, youth & adult ponies added! 

A new selection ponies added to the auction list. Several foals, yearlings and adult ponies of great quality and very interesting breed! Curious? Look at the Select Sale 2013 page!

 18-09-2013  Three new ponies added! 

Today we added three new auctionponies. A foal and two adult mares. Keep an eye on our site, as new selected ponies arrive frequently.

 17-09-2013  Select Sale pony French champion! 

The 2011 Select Sale purchase Athena Rose of Spuitjesdom was recently crowned as champion mini older mares and overall reserve champion in France! Proud owner Jack Morise let us know the good news. Congratulations!

 15-09-2013  The first auction ponies ONLINE! 

We are busy with the selection of the auction ponies for this year. The first registrations are final and can be seen at the Select Sale 2013 page! Keep an eye on the site, because from now on we continously update the list of this year's topponies that will appear on the auction this year!

 08-09-2013 More topperformances Select Sale ponies  

In the North Holland the beautiful palomino Eristoff Gold of Bredeweg who was sold at the Select Sale 2011, became youthchampion small size and earned a ticket to the National Championships. The same honour went to the champion mini size of South Holland 2013 Beauty van de Vijfmorgen (v. Telstar vd Toom), who found a new owner in 2012 through the auction.

 07-07-2013  Select Sale ponies succesfull at show 

Faithful Select Sale buyers Willemien & Jan-Kees van Gaalen had success at the premiumshow with their auctionponies:

  • Woniek van het Melkvonder (second premium).
  • Woniek daughter of Wotan van de Grote Woerd, where in 2011 she was full purchase (premium)
  • Eileen Merry II of Stal van Toekomst (premium and a leading position)
  • Celina v / h Hoogveld (second premium).

Combination Koek was successfull with the daughter of Select Sale mare Petit Fleur van Uitweg. Fleur was purchaed in foal of this filly from Zico van de Kuiperij at the 2010 Select Sale.

 04-07-2013  First 2013 auctionpony entered

Today we received the first registration for the 2013 auction through our new website! From the 15th of Oktober, all selected ponies will be online, divided by gender and age.

 02-07-2013  The new website is online!
Our website is completely renewed! All information about the Shetland Pony Select Sale up tot date available!