We would like to welcome you to the website of the Shetland Pony Select Sale. Here you will find all information about the annual auction of top quality shetlanders. 

The next auction is 29 October 2022.

2021 Select Sale cancelled

Unfortunately we have to annouce that the Shetland Select Sale 2021 will not take place. Due to the sale of the auction location, combined with restrictive corona measures that still have to be observed, it is not possible to properly organize the auction this year. But that will certainly happen again in 2022. The organization is looking for a good accommodation for 29-10-2022.
We hope you can understand the decision. Please note the date: 29-10-20212, as the next Shetland Sale will be organized than and we will make up with you. So don’t miss it.

Summary auction 2019: click here for the newsletter with a summary of the 2019 auction.

The Shetland Pony Select Sale is intended to promote the Shetland at home and abroad. Through the auction we create a platform for everyone who is looking for a quality shetland. Because of the strict selection, we can offer the crème de la crème of the ponies that are available for sale. 

On the other hand, we offer owners the opportunity to offer their ponies to an international audience. A real opportunity!  

So, are you looking for a good shetlandpony? Be sure to keep an eye on this website, because in the summer we will start filling the auction page for this year's auction!

Click here for an impression video of the auction.